Image to Base64 Converter

Convert your images into Base64 string on a single click. Upload images as many as you like and get them converted in no time. Also you can copy, download and compare the sizes between image and Base64.
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What is Base64 image encoding

Base64 image encoding is a conversion technique which encodes the image content into Base64 string. So instead of storing image as a physical file onto your computer, you can save it as string in text file, SQL Server or any storage devices.

Also the Base64 string can be directly applied into CSS or Html img tag to load the image. Please note that, usually the encoded base64 size would be larger than the original image size. So base64 string is advisable for small size images.

Below are the samples to use base64 string to load image

Use Base64 via Html <img> Tag

<img src="data:image/png;base64,[Your Base64 String]" />

Use Base64 via <a> Tag

<a href="data:image/gif;base64,[Your Base64 String]"></a>

Use Base64 via CSS

.base64ImageBackground { background-image: url("data:image/png;base64,[Your Base64 String]");}

Image privacy and content storage policy

We think twice before sharing our images/data online. But do not worry!!! We have a privacy and storage policy which is very safe.

The original images which you upload here or the converted base64 string will never be stored anywhere.



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