Fire click event without explicitly calling method name
You can bind the click event using any one of the below

1. CSS Class Name
2. Control ID
3. HTML Tag

The elements matches with these, trigger the event when we clicks on

Code :

 	<title>Fire Click Event using JQuery</title>
	<script src="" integrity="sha256-3edrmyuQ0w65f8gfBsqowzjJe2iM6n0nKciPUp8y+7E=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

	 <style type="text/css">
 		 .bold {
 			 font-weight: bold;
 	 <script language="javascript">
 		 $(document).ready(function() {

 			 $('#btnClick').on('click', function() {
 				 alert("Click from Button with specific ID")

 			 $('.bold').on('click', function() {
 				 alert("Click from element which is having css class name as Bold")

 			 $('div').on('click', function() {
 				 alert("Click from all the div element")



 	 <input type="button" id="btnClick" Value="Click" /><br/>br/>

 	 <input type="text" class="bold" />

 	 <input type="button" class="bold" Value="Click" /><br/>br/>

 	 <div>Div Click 1</div>
 	 <div>Div Click 2</div>


You can attach more than one event handler to the selectors to listen

$('.bold').on('click keypress',function () {});